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Expert Garment Care Services for You

Davis Cleaners

Dry Cleaning

Feel the difference with professionally dry cleaned and pressed clothing. From your favorite power suit to that special dress, our dry cleaning service ensure your garments look flawless, boosting your confidence with every wear.

Household Items

At Davis Cleaners, we offer exceptional laundry and dry-cleaning services for household items including comforters, blankets, curtains, drapes, sleeping bags and more.
Davis Cleaners
Davis Cleaners

Wash & Fold

Escape the never-ending laundry cycle with our convenient wash and fold service. Simply drop off your laundry, and our experts will handle the rest. Enjoy more free time as we deliver impeccably clean, neatly folded clothes, ensuring your family always looks their best, effortlessly.


Trust us to handle all your alteration needs, whether adjusting for weight changes, tailoring a new shirt, or reviving a sentimental garment. Our skilled team is equipped to provide precise alterations, ensuring the perfect fit and restoring the charm of your cherished clothing.

Davis Cleaners

Wedding Gown Preservation

Preserve the beauty and memories of your wedding day with our expert bridal gown cleaning and preservation. Our fabric care specialists meticulously inspect and apply the best cleaning and stain removal methods, ensuring your gown is professionally preserved to last a lifetime.

Convenient Drive-Thru and
Next Day Service Available

Next-day items need to be in by 4 pm, pick up 5pm the next day. Monday thru Thursday only